I Have a Dream

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

In August 2009 we went to Orlando for our family vacation. The first day we visited Sea World, we rushed in at the last possible moment to Shamu stadium but thankfully were still able to find seats. As the show started, the crowd joined the trainers in chanting a special Shamu ditty guaranteed to get him excited to come out and perform wonders for the crowd. Only he didn't come out. Neither did any of his cousins. That particular day the whales (well actually we learned during the pre-show they're a form of dolphin) were more interested in having their food forked over than earning it with a killer performance.

We decided to return a second day. This time we were in line thirty minutes ahead of time, eager to get the very best seats and hopeful Shamu was in an entertaining mood. A kind stadium worker made pleasant conversation with our family as we waited and then asked Hayleigh (then 10) if she'd like to be in the show. What a thrill! Hayleigh would play the role of one of the female trainers dreaming of growing up to be a whale trainer. Not only was she broadcast on the screen in front of 5,000 but she interacted with one of the whales...er dolphins front and center.

My plan was for Shamu to perform on cue the first day. God had a different, much better plan. We had given our vacation over to God and covered it in prayer. The Creator of the Universe heard from heaven and orchestrated a show for our family much better than whales - His obvious, real, demonstrated love for us.

Today's reading is 1 Corinthians 3. Paul is addressing an issue in the Corinthian church. Different folks in the church were claiming they followed various church leaders. Paul asserts that we should only follow Jesus. Their dream of a healthy, vibrant church could only come to fruition in Jesus - the Giver and Maker of dreams.

Every woman has dreams stored up in her heart. At times, my heart almost feels like it will explode from the stored-up passion burning there. God sees our dreams and knows our dreams. He fuels are dreams and is the Fulfiller of our dreams. As I read this chapter this morning, I thought about my yet unfulfilled dreams. This passage provides hope for a dreamer like me.
  • Jesus is the foundation (Verse 11) - When I build my dreams on the unshakable foundation of Jesus Christ, He becomes the Master Builder. He takes my dream, molds it to His sure foundation and builds it on His perfect schedule.
  • Jesus is my blueprint (Verses 18-19) - When I allow my dreams to be shaped within the parameters of God's Word, Jesus' gives me His wisdom to help me accomplish those dreams.

My heart aches at times with the deep desires burning in my heart. Some of my unfulfilled dreams are so raw, I can barely think of them without pain stinging my soul. Jesus knows me. Jesus sees me. Jesus' sure foundation will build my dreams. Jesus' blueprint will guide my dreams.

Today, Jesus, I give You my dreams. I can trust You to see them, grow them and blossom them into reality. I know the seeds You've planted in my heart will grow in Your time and in Your way. In the meantime, I'll keep dreaming God-sized dreams.

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