Make My Life is an Action Word

Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

For the first forty years of his life, he walked right past people like "that". Beggars were despicable to someone who had worked hard from childhood and earned every penny he'd been given. He thought anyone willing to give away what they had earned, particularly to someone so undeserving, was at best a poor money manager and at worst a lunatic.

Over time, God began to speak into his heart that He had given everything for someone who was so undeserving - him. Slowly, his cold heart was filled with the love of Christ. Today when he passes one of "those people", he empties his pockets. Like Jesus, he chooses to give all he has.

I got to witness the life change in this person. He said he was a Christian. It was when he acted like it that I believed him.

This morning I start a new book, 1 Corinthians. I'll read the first chapter. Paul opens his letter to the church in Corinth by instructing that:
  • God empowers us to live the Christian life (Verses 4-9),
  • He desires all believers to be unified in Him (Verses 10-17), and
  • Christ was intentionally sent in a manner unexpected by man (Verses 18-31)

As I read this morning, God draws my heart to the first part of the passage. A couple of days ago, God spoke into my heart the importance of telling my story. This morning He is talking to me about the significance of living my story. "For in him (Jesus) you have been enriched in every way...because our testimony about Christ was confirmed in you." (Verses 5-6) What had been spoken about their lives had been proven true in their lives. Their words and actions matched. Paul gives three reasons I too can live what I say.

  1. God has gifted me (Verse 7) - God has given each of us unique gifts that He intends to be used in His church and kingdom. In this verse, Paul states that "you do not lack any spiritual gift." No one person has all the spiritual gifts possible, only a few, so how could I lack no gift? Because God gave each of us the gift(s) needed to live out our faith. He has literally gifted each of us to live as a follower of Jesus.
  2. God will preserve me (Verse 8) - It is the daily reliance on God's strength, that gives anyone the courage and stamina to live out their faith. God wants me to turn away from my own power and depend solely on His. I will then be fortified in my faith.
  3. God is faithful (Verse 9) - I am not reliable. I let people down and I certainly fail from time to time. God, however, never fails us. When I keep my heart and eyes fastened on Him, He is faithful to work in and through me to make my testimony sincere.

Jesus, thank you for gifting me, preserving me and being faithful. I can rely on You as my source of energy and strength so that my life will match my words. Today I will live out my faith.

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