The Avenger

Psalm 3:8a From the Lord comes deliverance.

Since I live in a house full of girls, it may surprise you that the favorite new show at my house is The Avengers.  The Avengers are a team of superheros who team up to fight evil.  They find they are stronger assembled. Where one is deficient, another stands in the gap.

We are enthusiastic fans who record every episode.  Nothing stirs up excitement in the family more than the announcement of a new installment.  Recently, we found out The Avengers will move up to the silver screen in 2012.  I picture a row of six fans in pink among a primarily male audience.

Today I am reading Psalm 3.  David, fearing for his life, flees the threat of bodily harm from his own son, Absalom.  I can not comprehend a reality in which one of my sweet daughters could wish me physical harm.  While not intentional, they are at times the source of great emotional pain.  No one can wound my heart like one of my girls.

Sometimes I wish I had a superhero of my own to call on.  David, who slayed Goliath with a single stone knew that mystical powers were not required to do the impossible.  Jehovah God is the God of the miraculous.  David cries to God from his place of emotional pain.  In this passage I see the best of several Avenger heroes.
  • Captain America - Captain America is a comic book hero whose power doesn't come from Gamma radiation or an alien planet.  His strength is his training.  He is the ultimate soldier - perhaps what would result if you could multiply a Green Beret by a Navy Seal.  His weapon of choice is his shield.  He uses it to attack and to defend.  In this passage, David refers to God as his shield.  Our Shield is also not just a passive device.  He will fight for us.
  • Iron Man - Iron Man builds extraordinary advantage on cutting edge technology.  His suit and home are both run by an unseen electronic assistant named Jarvis.  Iron Man speaks his requests and Jarvis is faithful to fulfill them.  In the depth of David's despair, he cries out to God.  Our God hears us when we call.  He is faithful and will answer.
  • Thor - Thor is a "god" from another dimension.  Since he is above mortals, he possesses no fear of them.  David feels as if everyone has turned away but he remembers even ten thousand hold nothing to fear when God is with him.  God does not abandon us.  He is with us.  God standing with us is more powerful than an army of any size.
Jesus, You fight for me.  Your weapons are a shield, an ear and fearlessness.  When I am afraid or discouraged, I  know You will be fearless.  You are my Avenger.

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