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Psalm 8:3, 4 When I consider your heavens...what is man that you are mindful of him?

These kids are going to be too close together.  I was the one who'd born three kids already and I didn't think having another one this soon was a good idea.  My husband who shared the fun of the moment of conception but none of the development of the baby disagreed.

Carynne Morgason Milholland was born just sixteen months after our third daughter.  I didn't know then the sweetness of a hug so tight it enfuses your heart with love.  I hadn't heard the sound of a voice so tender, it forces a smile to your face.  I couldn't imagine in less than two years my husband would have cancer that would eradicate any possibility of further children.

Today I am reading Psalm 8.  In this magnificent passage of praise, David stands in awe at glory of the heavens and the power of a Creator who fashioned them.  On any starry evening, I peer into the sky and wonder how the God of all heaven sees and cares for an ordinary girl like me.

I don't recall being particularly spiritual the day I let Scott talk me into another baby.  It was a usual day on my regular walk of faith.  My God who dwells among the galaxies and also in my heart gently nudged my husband that day.  He wanted to give me a present.

This would be no One Spot Target special.  The God who speaks solar systems into existence planted a seed of pure joy in my womb.  He planted her in His perfect timing.  She is an extravagant gift of His grace and love.

Jesus, when I stare out into Your vast sky, I consider Your greatness.  I feel so small by comparison.  Your hand is large enough to plant a star in the sky and gentle enough to bring clear evidence of Your love into my life and family.  There is no greater place to dwell than here with You in Constellation Grace.

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