Attitude Adjustment

Ephesians 4:22a, 23b You were be made new in the attitude of your minds.

All four of my girls have had a passion for playing "mommy". In their carefree world of pretend, they cook, clean, take care of their babies and run errands all with a style earmarked "Shannon Milholland". Whether intentional or not, day by day they are learning to talk, behave and interact like me. Sometimes I like what I see in that reflection, others times it becomes apparent some adjustments in my behaviors or actions are necessary.

This morning I am reading the 2nd chapter of Philippians. In this passage, Paul describes both the attributes of Jesus and Timothy. Timothy was one of Paul's closest companions, whom Paul described as his true and dear son (1 Timothy 1:1, 2 Timothy 1:1). God himself had instructed Paul in the faith. Paul in turn taught Timothy.

Though separated from Paul by the span of twenty centuries and the massive Atlantic Ocean, I too can learn what it means to live like Jesus. "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." (Verse 5) My actions are my attitudes equipped with hands and feet. I need an attitude adjustment to bring mine closer in line with Jesus. Jesus possesses an attitude:
  • An Attitude Undergirded by Obedience (Verse 8) - Jesus is obedient to the Father in every step He takes, particularly those that led to the cross.
  • An Attitude Undeterred by Complaining or Grumbling - Jesus doesn't allow his attitude to be derailed with negativity promulgated by focus on self.
  • An Attitude Underwritten by Genuine Interest - Instead, Jesus expresses a sincere concern for those He encounters.

Jesus, I want an attitude like yours. Today I will allow You to adjust my attitude by giving me a willing heart, a joyful heart and a heart concerned for others. Thank you for teaching me how to be like You.

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