Proverbs 27:6 Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

My left shoulder is currently "frozen". A nagging injury cycle began several years ago and finally culminated in the complete incapacitation of my left shoulder. Despite the associated pain, I have continued with my usual activities. I even forget at times that I'm hurt. However, at least once per night, a surge of pain overtakes me and I am awakened from my sleep. A sharp reminder of my injury pierces my veil of rest, causing my body to snap to attention.

This morning I am reading 1 Thessalonians 2. Paul, Silas and Timothy had come to Thessalonica from Philippi where they had "suffered and been insulted." (Verse 2) Come they did despite strong opposition. This morning I allowed my heart to linger over an insult I bore more than a year ago. I have offered this insult to God and covered it over with love and forgiveness. Why then does my heart still hurt when I think of it?

The wound itself long since ceased to matter. My heart hurts at the reminder because of the risk it represents. What if another friend hurts me and this time she wields a larger sword? Each time we offer our hearts and find them trampled by someone, it gets a bit harder to offer once again. My shoulder seized up because my body was trying to defend itself from further injury. Our natural tendency is to shield any wounded body part from further harm.

It is true that Paul and his companions were insulted. It is true they faced strong opposition in continuing their journey. In between those two truths lies the key to conquering fear in friendship. "But with the help of God." (Verse 2) I can either choose to have a crippled, "frozen" heart or choose God's help which yields a brave heart. God is the healer of the broken human heart. His dream for my relationships is that I would boldly go forward and not shrink back when I've been hurt trusting in Him to guard my heart.

Jesus, thank you for this sweet reminder that You are the forger of all my friendships. Though hard, You designed Your people to live in relationship. Today I will offer my heart. Has it been wounded? Yes. Are You able to guard my heart at the precise moment I offer it? An even bigger yes! Thank you, Jesus, Guarder of my Heart. By Your wounds, I am healed (Isaiah 53:5).

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  1. You are so right! I've been through this many times, and at certain times it hurts. I have this pain in my knee every once in awhile from an injury I had. It reminds why and how I'm feeling that pain. I wonder how Jesus feels from that day He gave His life! I believe everytime we sin, He can feel them tingling pains in His hands and feet. I loved todays post you have written. Thankyou


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