What Comes After A

Caveat to my regular readers: I am taking a little trip off topic this morning. Today we will journey into the Psalms but never fear. We will return to the New Testament tomorrow to begin Colossians!


Ephesians 1:7-8a In him (Jesus) we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace that he lavished on us.

I remember the day clearly. I was in 9th grade and had just opened my report card. A single "B" stood out like a thorn on a rose stem. It was in Home Economics though. I was certain those were skills I'd never need so really what was the harm in doing less than my best? My rationalization prevented me from absorbing all I could and no doubt later handicapped my abilities as a wife and mother. I was too immature to understand that settling for less than my best could have severe consequences.

This morning my heart has been drawn to Psalm 103. This psalm is twenty-two verses of sheer joy over what God has done for His people. It is the home to the description "as far as the east is from the west" to convey the distance God has cast our sin. Surely a God who loves like that has more in mind for my life than defeat or survival. He has offered me an abundant life. This psalm details the incredible blessings God offers each one of us:
  • Forgiveness (Verse 3) - He forgives my sins. This is easy to say perhaps even a bit trite. Do I really grasp the delight of being free and forgiven?
  • Healing (Verse 3) - He heals my diseases. All the places where I hurt and every avenue of my pain can be erased by His love and mercy.
  • Redemption (Verse 4) - He redeems my life from the pit. Even in my very worst places, God was with me. At the moment of my most intense pain, He longed to pull me out of my chasm.
  • Satisfaction (Verse 5) - He satisfies my desires for good things. God isn't holding out on me. Instead, He glories in granting my heart's desire.
  • Renewal (Verse 5) - He renews my youth. It is God's intention that more than just four year olds would experience a life of boundless energy. While my body may continue to slowly edge toward the grave, my soul can experience unimaginable joy and excitement.

Why do I settle for less than God's best? Doing this is like saying I know my alphabet but never learning a single letter past "A". I choose a path of forgiveness but forgo the boundless blessings that can and should follow.

Jesus, today is a day worth celebrating. With Your help my life will move from mundane to miraculous from adequate to amazing. When I settle for less than You're offering me, I short change myself from the life of abundance and blessing You've promised. Today I will embrace all that You've offered.

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