Don't Take a Vacation...

Two of My Cuties, Vacation 2009
Vacation is my favorite week of the summer. With kids scattered from kindergarten to closing in on college, my daughters will find themselves on mission trips in Joplin, driving over 24 hours on a bus to Colorado for Jr. High youth camp and serving at our church's Vacation Bible School. Our summer is jam packed.

But...a pause is coming. I'm counting the days. 

A pause is coming. I'm mentally packing.

A pause is coming. I'm researching fun.

As much as I long for the coming week, there's one thing I don't want our family to take a vacation from...time with God. For me, it's even harder on the road than home to take intentional time with God. 

Today I'm a guest at Encouragement Cafe where I'm sharing my tips on how to take Jesus on the road this summer. Join me as we learn how not to take a vacation from Him.


  1. Great way to put it- not take a vacation from him! A vacation from everything else, maybe, but a vacation FOR more time with him, not less :)

    happy summer!

    1. Oooh, Emily, I love this - "a vacation for more time with Him not less!"


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