The Root that Makes Dreams Float

I could break the Guinness World Record for floating. I know. I looked it up. There isn't one. But seriously I was somehow designed by God for excellence in drifting atop the water. Seems strange when you realize I'm afraid to put my face in water doesn't it? But on top of the water I feel relaxed, invigorated and at home.

As we discovered yesterday, each person is packaged with God-given passions and dreams. These dreams are powered by love. The gap from dream to reality is closed by putting feet to your faith. Here are a couple steps to walking out your dream:

Take an Inventory 

This is your "at home"

Have you taken an inventory of the things you do particularly well? They may be something as oddball as floating or as ordinary as smiling but each is God-given. Each should make the list.

Connect the Inventory to Your Dream 

This is where you get invigorated.

Let's take my "gift of floating" for example. My ability to float may not asset my heart's passions but my ability to relax wherever I am does. This is the connection between this inventory item and my dream. Find the connection and use it to your advantage.

Make a Plan and Trust It 

This is where you relax. 

Once each inventory item is connected to your dream, you make a strategic plan to use the gifts you have to live out your passion. Most of us get entangled in what's not on our list. While we can work on our weaknesses and possibly turn them into neutrals instead of liabilities, few of us will ever transfer them into assets. 

Stop wasting energy on the "don't haves". Trust that God equipped you with the "must haves". And relax.

Find your home, get invigorated and relax. These are the roots that make dreams float.

What is one of your strengths? Inventory it in a comment below and tell us how you can use it to achieve your goals and dreams.


  1. Dreams are God-given? Prove it. Prove that we don't just create and choose whether or not to follow our own dreams.

    1. Citizen,

      Thank you so much for your visit. I am honored!

      You ask a good question. I can't prove God exists any more than you can prove He doesn't. That's where faith comes in.

      I can tell you that living a life of faith has positively impacted every area of my life.

      God bless you and you question and ponder.


  2. I definitely need to learn to relax and trust. Thanks for this post.

  3. Uh oh Shannon, the atheists have found you! (Consider it new traffic!)...;)

    I think I do have the strength of ideas, and weaving them together to make sense. One thing about making your plan, is that the unexpected can always come your way, and you must be agile at all times.

    1. I totally am, Courtney. :)

      And agile is a great word for how we need to respond to new information as we navigate our plans and goals.

    2. Shannon & have both stirred an excellent conversation with my Teacher! I think I'll go pour myself a cup of OJ and chat with Him for a bit. ;)


  4. My self-effacing behavior is probably due to a considerable deficiency in self-confidence. I find it extremely difficult to identify the things I'm particularly good at. I must work on that, otherwise, I'm going to sink instead of float. Thanks for writing this post, really :).

    1. Oh Pepper, I'm cheering for you to float girl. You have so much to give!


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