Spit That Out!

You will go out in joy  and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. 
Isaiah 55:12

Working my frustration of the day into it chew by chew, my jaws grew weary from their work. I was chomping on gum for pleasure but my pleasure waxed to pain. Have you ever noticed the longer you chew a piece of gum, the harder it gets?

A certified people pleaser, nothing upsets my soul more than conflict. I can chew on misplaced, harsh or angry words for hours. The longer I chew, the harder it gets.

Each bite of instant replay moves forgiveness farther from my reach.
Each taste of concern over my phrasing turns my focus away from God.
The longer I chew, the more bitter my world becomes.

Conflict is inevitable so how can we communicate with others without making a midnight snack of our conversation?

Accept Responsibility

We own what we say. By taking full responsibility for our words we move from reaction mode to response. A reaction is a thoughtless, involuntary retort. A response is a God-directed, well-thought reply.

Move Toward Reconciliation

Be the first to offer forgiveness. Take the lead in healing. Leave the conversation without regret by moving toward reconciliation.

Refuse to Replay

After the conclusion of your conversation, mentally press stop. Refuse to allow your mind to dissect and dwell on every exchange. Allow grace to cover your mind and your conversation.

When we stop chewing, joy fills the spaces of our heart. We will leave the conversation, go out in joy and be led by peace.

What are you chewing on today? What would be required for you to spit it out?


  1. Thanks for these inspirational words. Too often we harbor resentments that hurt ourselves and others.

  2. Replies
    1. Awww, thanks. So grateful for your visit!

  3. Wow, I needed this. I have been chewing on some things for a while and needed to empty them out to let other things in. Thanks!

  4. Chewing has got to be my middle name! This really spoke to me, Shannon. Thanks for your beautiful wisdom. Hope you're doing well!


    1. Rosann Chewing Cunningham...sort of has a nice ring to it. ;)

  5. Great advise my friend. It sure is hard sometimes to be the first to make amends when all you want to do is throw a frying pan at someones head!

    Luv ya

    1. Just a frying pan? I was thinking more like a Mack truck! ha!

  6. I think I had such years of practice as step-mom to just zip it all of the time, that I'm quite good at owning what I say. This is great advice, and I love your chewing analogy. You are so good at tying things together when you write!

    1. Thanks, Courtney. I never thought about the aspect of having to hold your peace as a step-mom. I bet that was great training!


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