Am I Doing TOO Much Good?

Psalm 62:5a Find rest, O my soul, in God alone.

Today I am reading Mark 3.  The scene opens with unusual bedfellows cooperating in an attempt to snare Jesus.  It was the Sabbath - the day designated by God for rest. Hundreds of rules were penned by various rabbis to clarify how to make the Sabbath a day of rest.  Jesus is faced with the opportunity to heal a man.    To heal would be to work.  Would Jesus dare to work on the Sabbath?

He does.  Jesus knows that a heart that loves God and loves His people does good even on the Sabbath.  That speaks to the heart of this mom who processes dishes, laundry and errands on every Sabbath.  It is what Jesus does next that might surprise this busy mom.  He still takes the time to rest (Verse 7).

Is it possible that I am doing too much good?  Jesus balanced giving with resting.  Perhaps I need to learn to as well.
  • Could my family eat on paper plates this Sunday?
  • Is it possible to take a day off from laundry and not become overwhelmed?
  • Could I squeeze an extra errand in on Saturday so I have more free time on Sunday?
Perhaps the best good I can do this Sunday is to just be with my family.  As I create space in my calendar, fun, laughter and love inevitably fill it.  That's six tanks filled for the price of one!

Jesus, I may do too much good on the Sabbath.  You designed my body, heart and soul to need times of rest.  For my family and for me, I choose rest.  This Sabbath help me do the greater good of just being with my family.  In You, my soul finds rest.

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