I've Got a Ticket to Ride

2 Corinthians 5:14 For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all

"Stand tall," I whispered in Hayleigh's ear as we approached the front of the line.  After an hour wait in ninety-five degree weather, we were all  eager to enter the water ride.  One final measuring stick loomed ahead.

Hayleigh slid up to the gatekeeper, stretched her back and tilted her head to its' highest position.  A tiny stream of daylight escaped in the gap between her head and the bar.  I donned my best sad eyes and asked for an exception.  None would be given.  Hayleigh stood just shy of the height requirement.

Today I am reading Mark 15.  Jesus appears before Pilate, receives an unjust sentence and receives His punishment.  Jesus hangs on the cross to bear the full measure of God's wrath and the penalty for the sin of all mankind.  The religious elite come to taunt Him, believing they have won a great victory.  "He saves others, but he can't save himself," they mock.  Their words are hollow and just shy of truth.  Jesus chose not save himself so he could save others. 

Too often I live my life just short of the truth.  No matter how hard I try to stretch, my back will only take me to the height of my limitations.  It's when I stand on the full measure of God's truth, I reach the places I dream.  Armed with the power won at the cross, God is able to work through me to accomplish far more than I imagine possible.

Jesus, today I dare to pen a God-sized dream.  I will reach for it mounted squarely on Your feet.  Braced by you there is no marker too high.  I can march through the line to the front of my dream knowing that You bought my ticket 2,000 years ago.  I've got a ticket to ride.

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