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Matthew 28:6a He is not here.  He has risen, just as he said.

This morning the world woke up to a headline a decade overdue.  Osama bin Laden: terminated.  As the pundits weighed in, the reactions ranged from measured pleasure to downright elation.  Some called it the best news of their lifetime.  Our President proudly announced bin Laden's death and declared his demise a welcome event for all who love peace.

Today's passage is the last in Matthew - 28.  Long ago another radical was terminated for His crimes.  His regime threatened the underpinnings of His society.  His enemies celebrated His death - certain their problems had died with Him.

When His followers came three days later to care for His body, they found it removed.  Where could His body be?  The greatest press secretary of all time appeared just outside the Oval Office grave to make the announcement.  "He is not here.  He is risen, just as He said." 

In the light of the announcement 2,000 years ago, this morning's news pales.  Thirty-three years prior, that young radical entered the world.  His birth announcement read:  "Peace on Earth.  Goodwill toward men."  All who love peace welcome His birth.  All who love peace remember His death.  All who love peace celebrate His resurrection.

Jesus, there was only one greatest morning.  It was Your morning.  You conquered death without the assistance of a single Navy Seal.  No team of CIA agents could locate Your body.  You are alive.  In the face of any piece of news that seems earth-shattering or life-changing, may I remember that the most earth-shattering news is that You conquered death.  The most life-changing event happened 2,000 years ago.  Your resurrection obliterated the bondage of sin and death.  Now that is breaking news!

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