Cling to the Right Customs

Romans 12:9 Cling to what is good.

Scott cleans his sports car after each use.  Hannah selects milk over any other beverage.  Hayleigh jumps on the trampoline following cheer practice.  Clara sticks her tongue in her cheek when she concentrates.  Carynne sleeps on her tummy with her arms tucked underneath her.

These qualities are unique to each of them.  I would never mistake Clara for the one polishing the car or Hannah for one with her tongue in her cheek.  They are habits so ingrained, they are a part of their identification of individuals.

Today's passage is Mark 10.  Jesus arrives in the region of Judea across the Jordan.  There He teaches the people.  What strikes me is Mark's description.  He teaches them as was his custom.  Jesus was known, identified by an inclination to instruct others about God.

As was his custom.  Each time I have traveled internationally, I went through Customs to reenter the county.  Customs controls what foreign substances come into our nation.  They regulate to keep the residents of America safe.

Jesus custom regulated what others thought about, listened to and consumed when they were in His presence.  He desired those around Him to feast on God.

Recently Carynne's (4) teachers inquired what her mom's favorite activity was.  Her answer:  sleeping.  Not exactly a home run of reputation.  If she were surveyed, she would identify me by my sleep.  Bummer.

If I could pick a custom to be known for, I would select encouraging others to see God in the every day of their lives and find joy in the ordinary.  That statement might be a bit over her head just now but someday I pray it's so a part of who I am that I am known, identified as that kind of woman.

Jesus, I want to make You my custom.  I long to grow in intimacy with You.  Today I will regulate what I think about, listen to and consume.  I will cling to You so that I can dwell more richly in the presence of the One who Teaches.

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