Great Expectations

Psalm 5:3b In the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.

I walked in, smiled and shook his hand.  I quickly assessed the telltale tan line on his left hand. He's probably one of those scumbags who picks up girls at the office too naive to look for a ring mark, I silently appraised.  Though I must admit that I felt a certain animal attraction to said scumbag. 

With this strange allure, I found it difficult to concentrate on his questions and they were far from ordinary.  His inquiries were insightful, piercing and a touch provocative.  It was as if he could see beyond my resume to the carefully guarded person who'd just surrendered it. 

I entered expecting an ordinary interview.  I exited with a hazy memory of my answers.  Somewhere in the interview process, I became more enamored with the asker than my responses.

Today's passage is Mark 16.  It opens on that most exciting Sunday we refer to as Easter.  The women traveling to the tomb to care for Jesus' body are concerned how they will gain access.  Much to their surprise, the tomb is already open. 

No doubt this trio awoke to the expectation they would perform the typical Jewish burial treatment.  They were greeted not by death but life.  A young man sits in the tomb eager to turn their expectations upside down.  He calls Jesus "the Nazarene".  I think this is because that's who they anticipated seeing. 

They were going to the tomb to the body of a great prophet and friend, Jesus  They thought He was only the man from Nazareth. 

When I walked in that interview over nine years ago, I presumed just that - an interview.  What I received was an encounter with an intriguing individual who would a year later whisper in my ear, "I love you."  I expected a co-worker; I gained a husband.

What do I expect from Jesus?  Do I like those three Easter morning women, expect only a man?  I can know Jesus is more but not truly believe He will be. 

Jesus, as I walk into Your arms another morning, I ask myself what I expect.  I anticipate seeing You living, active, working.  You are not just Jesus the Nazarene.  You are Son of the Most High King.  Today holds great expectations.

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