Is It Too Late to Surrender my Mom Card?

A Note to My Regular Readers:  I am taking a little side trip in honor of Mother's Day.  I will be back to the book of Mark shortly... 
2 Kings 14:2-3 His mother's name was...He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.

It was my first trip through the entire Bible.  It had taken me nearly twenty years of my faith walk to make the decision to read the Bible cover to cover.  I was only a couple books in and already wanted to chicken out. 

I knew what 2 Timothy 3:16 said.  "All scripture is God-breathed and is useful."  Certain verses had special significance for me but all scripture?  I wan't convinced.  I was on book number three of sixty-six and found entire chapters dedicated to rules, regulations and genealogies.  How in the world was this useful?

Reading the Bible cover to cover isn't the only life goal I began but then wanted to punt from the list...

Being a mom seemed like a great idea.  After all, women had been doing it for roughly six millenia.  How hard could it be?  It was day one home from the hospital that reality slapped me right across the face.  This little thing cried at regular intervals throughout the night.  I could not reason with her.  She cried.  I obeyed.  I wondered if it were too early to start her on a scripture memorization plan.  She could stand a dose of Ephesians 6:1 Children, obey your parents.  So far, I had done all the obeying.

Have you ever wanted to turn in your Mommy card and pick a different life goal?

It was somewhere in 2 Kings I realized how thankful I was to have persevered.  A pattern emerged as I read about Israel's kings of old.  Some honored Jehovah.  Others led the nation into sin.  God recorded the names of their mothers. 

In ancient Israel, women possessed zero political power and few rights.  God counted them possessors of great influence.  Whether they were raising a king or a shepherd, mamas carved the course of the nation.

Night time interruptions.  Endless laundry.  Homework meltdowns.  These are opportunities.  They are moments of great influence.  They shape our nation. 

If I could sum up all the dreams I hold for my four girls in one phrase, it would be this:  That they love God with an undivided heart.

Jesus, many times I've considered trading in my mom card.  I won't quit. I won't stop short of all You dream of me to be.  I am a mom.  I am a person of great influence.  Someday may it be said of each of my girls:  She loved God with an undivided heart.  Her mother was Shannon Milholland.

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  1. Thank you, Shannon! This is a beautiful post. We all need to be reminded that God counts us as "possessors of great influence." I LOVE THAT! :-)


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