Famous Much?

Psalm 86:12 I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.

Singer.  Dancer.  Actress.  Model.  Perhaps it's a spot on the girl DNA.  All I know is all four of my daughters have dreamed of taking a stage and the world's applause with it. 

At Casa Milholland we're American Idol junkies and hold auditions often.  Out of the thousands...okay six of us...the same four are chosen every city, every season.  With my husband, Scott, and I in the judges' seats, our four girls are shoo-ins to make it Hollywood.  And they never get voted off!

Today's passage is Mark 14.  Jesus is hanging out at a dinner with friends.  At this gathering, one party-goer makes quite the impression.  It isn't clear if this lady was a guest or just crashed the party.  Either way the host's name is Simon the Leper so this definitely isn't an "A" list crowd. 

Our featured attendee grabs the attention when she pours an entire bottle of high-priced perfume on Jesus' head.  Her performance is met with criticism.  It was marked as wasteful and careless.  She would have "gone home" for certain had Jesus not intervened. 

Jesus is smitten by her heart.  She loves Jesus freely and gives to Him extravagantly.  When others want to send her home, Jesus declares what she did would always be remembered. 

Last night American Idol Season 10 came to a close.  Scotty McCreery was crowned the winner.  With his first words thanked the "Lord for getting me here".  Many will remember Scotty's performance, charm and kiss with competitor Lauren Alaina.  I will remember Who received the glory for his win. 

Jesus, my little girls dream of filling a stage.  Transform their dreams and mine.  As this one-act play called life unfolds, we each take a stage.  May our lives bring great glory and fame, not to our name but to Yours.

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