Lonely? Look Around

Psalm 62:6 He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.

For over three weeks my husband has been helping to lead an effort to shelter and feed those who were displaced by the recent flooding in Memphis.  His work has great purpose. In the midst, he fights for time with his family.  He honors his commitment to lead our family spiritually.  He is on the phone A LOT.

His wife, aka me, wrestles with feelings of loneliness when his time and attention is captivated elsewhere.  I struggle as I vacillate between guilt and compassion.  He has one hundred percent of my support.  He also has one hundred percent of my heart.  I down right miss my husband and friend.

Today I am reading Mark 9.  As this chapter opens, Jesus leads Peter, James and John to the mountaintop where He will be changed before their eyes into His heavenly appearance.  Talk about your extreme makeover!

Appearing with Jesus are Moses and Elijah.  As quickly as they come, they go.  "Suddenly, when they had looked around, they saw no one anymore, but only Jesus with themselves." (Verse 8)  Do you ever look around and realize the road you're walking is a bit lonely?  I do.

These last few weeks have given me a glimpse into what James, John and Peter must have felt at the precise moment they realized this spectacular event had come to a close.  Let down.  Alone.  Tired.

As with any relationship, my marriage has its' share of trials but our marriage is spectacular.  So often the love I feel for Scott is so intense, it is palpable.  These last few weeks have left me disconnected from the one I love and weary.

In the middle of their let down, James, Peter and John need only look around.  Jesus was with them.

What comfort there is in knowing that Jesus is with me.  Whether I'm feeling elated or deflated, I am not alone.

Jesus, thank You for Your presence in my life.  When I long for relationship, I only need to look around.  I will see You with me.  You are in the lonely.  You are in a crowd.  You are with me.


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