Traditions Can Be Highly Contagious!

Mark 7:15b It is what comes out of a (woman) that makes (her) unclean.

For a week I sneezed, coughed, shivered, ached and perspired.  I was certain I would shake this "cold".  My immune system did not agree.  My battle for a drug free recovery lost, I went to the doctor.  I was diagnosed with infection in multiples zones and prescribed an antibiotic.  No harm; no foul...or so I thought.

This morning Hannah (15) woke up with a drippy faucet for a nose and a bad muffler for a chest.  I had not intended to pass on my illness but I had.  I'm willing to bet Hannah wishes I'd kept this pearl to myself.

Today's reading is Mark 7.  As this passage opens, a showdown occurs between Jesus and the local religious leaders.  They are incensed that Jesus' followers don't follow the tradition of ritual hand-washing before a meal.  Jesus, as usual, is able to sum the situation cleverly.  "You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men," He notes.

This wise word from Jesus got me thinking about what it is that I pass to my girls.  Instantly I could envision them as adults with identical attitudes and words about various areas of life that I hold.  Am I inadvertently passing traditions to my children, I'll later wish I hadn't?  Will my words go viral and spread to all four of their homes?  Chances are yes. 
  • If I want them to enjoy food preparation, I need to express the joy of cooking
  • If I desire them to serve their families with gladness, I need to model the delight of keeping a home
  • If I would like them to become an asset to their husbands, I need to practice helping my own
Later in this chapter, Jesus reiterates that it is out of the heart, that the body speaks or acts.  My germs originate in my heart, incubate in my thoughts, spread through my mouth and are highly contagious!

Jesus, may the traditions I pass to my children be joy, humility and contentment.  These are antioxidants that will guard their hearts against the cancer of temptation that gives way to sin.  Today I will be intentional with my words and remember the eight little ears that hear and catch my traditions.

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