Who Says Close Only Counts in Horseshoes?

Psalm 145:18 The Lord is near to all who call on him.

For the first few weeks I attended Clements, I thought our mascot was a piece of outerwear.  When I noticed the horse on the gym wall, I realized my error:  Our mascot was a colt, not a coat. 

Fast forward six years.  I no longer misunderstood my classmates.  I still didn't drink sweet tea, but in my heart I was a true Southerner.  These kids that I once couldn't even understand were my closest friends. 

Soon I would graduate from Clements High School.  Designated the salutatorian of the class, my class rank was second.  Second is great, except it isn't first.  I wouldn't have been so bothered by it, except I knew why I was second. 

It was not physics, trigonometry or biology that marred my academic record.  It was home ec.  That's right.  What I ended up doing every day of my life, is the one course in which I failed to score an "A". 

This morning's passage is Mark 4.  After a series of lessons, Jesus retreats with his disciples to the peace of the Galilean Sea.  Peace was swallowed by a furious storm.  As the waves crashed against the boat, it was almost swamped by them.

In all the times I've read that story I hadn't noticed the word "almost".  It may be the most important word in the entire story.  I have encountered many "almosts" in my life's journey:
  • Moments when my marriage almost didn't make it
  • Trials I almost couldn't bear up under
  • Worry that almost consumed me
I survived the almost because Jesus was with me, just as He was with the disciples in the boat.  He gave enough grace to heal my marriage.  He granted enough strength to endure the trial.  He dispensed enough peace to shoulder my worry. 

I thank God for the almost in my life.  I'm even thankful that I was almost first in my graduating class.  Because my sole "B" was in home ec, I rely on His strength not my qualification as a mother. 

Jesus, today I choose to celebrate the almost in my life.  Because You are with me, You transform my almost from failure to victory.  You are close and that makes my almost count as a win.

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  1. We have something in common-I too was Salutatorian and that is the extent of my public speaking career LOL Happy Moms Day!!!


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