When Jesus Comes Home

Mark 5:19 Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.

Home.  It's a word charged with emotion.  Some welcome its' images of laughter, home-cookin' and love.  Others would rather forget its' silence, hurt and pain.  Home is not just a place.  It's a feeling.

In today's reading, Mark 2, Jesus comes home.  To celebrate, His town threw a great big welcome home party with Jesus as the guest speaker.  So many gathered that the bodies were packed tighter than carry-on luggage for a week-long trip. 

Of the many that congregated, four chose a fashionably late arrival but instead of toting the latest handbag, they brought a friend.  This friend was paralyzed.  They thought perhaps Jesus could help.  Word on the street was Jesus could make the lame walk.

Their hopes were dashed when they saw the crowds.  There would be no forcing their way through the crowd.  They pushed through their disappointment.  They brought him to Jesus another way.  They lowered him down through the ceiling. 

Mother's Day approaches in a handful of days.  Today my thoughts are toward moms who pray quiet tears for wayward children.  As I read this passage, I hear God's word of encouragement:
  • You Didn't Arrive Too Late - Whether it's a wayward cowlick or a wandering heart, moms tend to blame themselves.  We think we did too little, too late.  When these four late arrivals showed, the house was already full.  They probably felt the same way.  Does it feel like God's house is already full and He isn't hearing your pleas for help?  Know that you didn't arrive too late.  Jesus is waiting.
  • Word on the Street is Jesus Makes the Lame Walk - Has your child fallen so many times you assume he's lame?  The hours you spend on your knees, gives strength to the legs of your children.  Lower them into His care, He can restore their walk.
  • They May Come Home Another Way - I noticed the friend was brought to Jesus not by his aunt, pastor or mom.  He was brought by four friends.  Wait with the confidence that Jesus can bring them home another way.
Home is something we feel not just somewhere we dwell.  In the heart of every home is a mom.  She prays.  She pleas.  She waits.

Jesus, make our homes somewhere You would come.  Bring our children.  We wait confidently for that day.  We believe our children will come home and tell all You have done for them.

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