Casting Call

Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

The wind sang through the trees.  The river laughed as it jumped over rocks and ducked under branches.  I stood at its' banks.  I observed nature - untamed, untouched.  I dreamed of the day I would cast a rod into the stream and retrieve a fish. 

Your first fish at the family cabin fetched a significant prize - the admiration of our grandfather and a silver dollar.  I stood at the bank and practiced with a rig seen only with my eye.  Eventually I tired but I left the riverside confident I would one day return and retrieve my reward.

Today I start a new book, Mark with the first chapter.  The stage is set by John the Baptist.  Jesus bursts onto the scene.  He first encounters Simon (Peter) and Andrew.  The two brothers were caught mid-cast.  As they tossed their net into the waters of the Sea of Galilee, they expected a catch.  We don't know if they hauled one in that day, but we do know Jesus tossed a new fish into their nets.  He invited them to fish for men.

I never caught my prize fish.  As I entered my school years, family trips to Colorado came less frequently.  My grandfather passed when I was sixteen.  My dream of a silver dollar perished with him.  By then I was casting for bigger fish anyway. 

I wanted a boyfriend so I could feel validated as a woman.

I dreamed of an important job so I could fill my closet.

I cast my empty net expecting to fill it.

What do long to see dangling from the rod of your life?  An attentive husband?  A bigger house?  A fulfilling occupation?  Grandchildren?  A comfortable retirement?

Twenty years ago, Jesus happened upon me.  I was busy casting my net.  He caught me mid-cast.  He invited me to follow Him and fill my net with a catch that would at long last satisfy my longings. 

Jesus, You satisfy.  I am tempted to pick up my rod and reel and cast my heart out to lesser things.  Instead I choose to toss my net with reckless abandon into Your ocean of love, grace, mercy.  Today I will answer Your casting call.

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